unique 2x2 washi giclee prints on both sides
unique 2x2 washi giclee prints on both sides
unique 2x2 giclee prints on washi paper, both sides,  by Awagami factory Master Printer in Tokushima - Japan

Passing strangers  

August 13, 2018. passing strangers wander along the exposed passage during days of high tide. Posted on the slender tombolo connecting Verdelet to the shore, I blend into the solid backdrop of the rock, at the base of which the ballet of shore fishermen unfolds. Parents and children, young and old, relish the moment of crossing permitted by the receding sea. The round trip is rhythmic, repeated, shared among mixed generations. The rules and techniques are passed down, the skill of the hook, the secrets of the shrimp, the joy of the sleeper, and the moods of the empty-handed are all transmitted. Time is limited. And it's not uncommon to observe, in disbelief, the eagerness of a barefoot daredevil pursued by the current, covering the tumultuous pebbles. I keep in memory this humble experience from the height of my five or six years when, in a whirl of foam, the waves came to encircle me. I managed to reach the solid ground thanks to my father's hand; wearing my first pair of translucent plastic soles: my first pair of 'Jelly'.
The soft and stinging creature inadvertently lent its name to this inexpensive shoe invented after the war due to a lack of leather, still manufactured in France. Unless it is the mythological figure of the Gorgon, fatal with snake hair and petrifying gaze, who has become a feminist icon, also said to be the one who contemplates...