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uk - After a pioneering experience in the music, software and internet entertainment industry in the 90's, Sebastien Siraudeau  directed the award winning videogame “Versailles 1685”. He then moved on as a professionnal photographer and writer by designing a full illustrated book exploring France by the sea at the early new century. Sebastien Siraudeau then wrote, shot photographs and designed lifestyle books published in France and worldwide at Flammarion/Rizzoli. From architecture to landscapes, portraiture to objects, life to stills, he focuses on territories, stories and encounters for his personal works as well as commissioned ones. In 2021, he created [MEM] photosonore label dedicated to contemporary publishing. Its first artist book "Aller à l'Arbre' has been rewarded by the jury of the photobook Prix Nadar" as one of the 10 finalists. E.G.

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