Sébastien Siraudeau - works
French photographer & writer based in Le Grand Paris.. Works in France and worldwide in free lance 
for brands, architects, communication agencies, publishing and magazines. 
Sébastien Siraudeau was born in 1966 in Lille (northern France). After a pioneering experience in the mid 1990’s software and internet industry - he directed the award winning videogame “Versailles 1685” -, he took the path of photography and writing in 2005 by designing a first full illustrated book exploring France by the sea constituted after a complete “tour de France” close to the sea. He then wrote and shot photographs for lifestyle books published in France and worldwide at Flammarion/Rizzoli. Curious about all the image outlines, from architecture to landscapes, from portraiture to objects, from life to stills, he focuses on territories, stories and meetings for his personal works as well as commissioned ones,
SERIES (Personal)
Bord de mer #France by the sea #Landscape (still running)
Merveilles #creative (2014)
Aera #Landscape #contemporary #commissioned (2017)

2017 Éléments - Parmain - (Val d’Oise) 
2017 Archivages + Grand Standing - Paris Porte de Versailles 
2018 Archivages - La Grande Motte - Expobéton - Galerie Le Cube Rouge - Paris
2018  La partie de Scrabble - collective - Galerie VU - Paris 
2019 La Grande Motte, cité solaire - Galerie Tema.archi - Paris
2019 Le Passage - Ville de Pléneuf-Val-André - Côtes d’Armor
2019 - Le Square - Square Edouard VII - Paris  

EDITION (Auteur & photographe - France, US and worldwide)
Bord de mer - Dakota éditions (2005)
Carnets de charme Bretagne - Dakota éditions (2006)
Carnets de charme Provence - Dakota éditions (2007)
Brocantes / Vintage French Interiors - Flammarion-Rizzoli (2008)
Maisons d’hôtes - Flammarion (2008) / French Style at Home - Flammarion-Rizzoli (2009)
Vivre au vert / French Country Style at home - Flammarion-Rizzoli (2010)
Vivre à la mer / French Seaside Style at Home - Flammarion-Rizzoli (2011)
L’Esprit Déco /  French Flair, modern vintage interiors-Flammarion-Rizzoli (2012)
À la maison - New Vintage French Interiors-Flammarion-Rizzoli (2015)
Illustrated DIY books (photographe-LTA depuis 2014)

COMMISSIONED- selection 
Tolix, Le Cèdre Rouge, Dragon Rouge, Beachcomber Hotels & resorts, Interenchères, 
Tadé, pays du Levant, Elior, Arpège, Atmosphera, Studios Architecture, V2B Architectes
Chef Eric Guérin (La Mare aux Oiseaux, Le Jardin des Plumes)

NEWSPAPERS & MAGAZINES (Photographe & journaliste)
Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France, VSD, L’Express, Maison Française, Maisons Sud-Ouest, 
Maisons Côté Ouest, Maison Magazine, Vivre Côté Paris, Maisons Côté Est, Rustica, 
L’Art du potager, Maison Créative, Régal, Votre Maison votre Jardin, Campagne Décoration